I am overwhelmed!


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boy praying

A young man came to Jesus this week… not because of a great sermon, or because of a convincing analogy or because He had an emotional Holy Spirit filled worship experience. No, it was none of those things that we as Christians try to use to convince others to join our club. But it was because a nice young lady drove all the way to Philly to help his family get a U-haul. Because someone brought pizza to their door and said, “welcome to town,” at the end of the first long day of moving across the state. Because after the first night when it became evident that they had no furniture or beds, someone offered them as much as they needed of free furniture, beds, dishes, rugs, and more. Because a bunch of strong young college aged guys showed up and helped his family move that free furniture into the house in the freezing cold, even when it meant taking extra time and effort to remove doors from hinges to get it all to miraculously fit into the house. Because for no reason at all a nice older gentleman came to their house and fixed and hooked up their washer and dryer and did not ask for one penny. Because a nice lady picked them up and took them to Mercer to get ID and spent hours with them talking and fellowshipping over lunch. And because still others offered their car for his older brother to drive while his was in the shop getting repaired. Because his older brother, who had left the hood in Philly 5 years earlier to be incarcerated at a local boys school, gave his life to Jesus and then sacrificed everything he had to give this young man and his 3 younger brothers a new start here in our town.

After experiencing all of these people doing the unexpected, this young man concluded that there was absolutely no reasonable explanation for all of the love and kindness that had been shown to him and his family. They did not deserve it, they did not earn and it and they could not pay it back. The only explanation had to be God. The only explanation for the love that came their way through people who had no reason to offer it, was that God had to exist and He surely had to be behind this outpouring of love and generosity. This young man, who just days earlier, lived in a place of darkness and poverty in a community full of trouble, crime, anger and hopelessness for any future. For this 17-year-old man-child… it was LOVE that brought him to Jesus. This week I had the joy of watching a precious young man choose to leave the darkness and follow Jesus. God, you are so good and I am overwhelmed by your goodness and your grace.

God is looking to and fro asking, “Who will feed my sheep? Who will work in the fields? The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” You don’t have to be a preacher, teacher, blogger, or Sunday School teacher to make an impact for the kingdom. Just ask God to use your life to love the lost. All you have to do is your little part.  It’s amazing what an huge impact one act of kindness and love can make when added together with others who do the same.  When you open up your life and allow God to pour His love through you, the lost and hopeless will see Jesus in you and they will want what you have! When they ask why you would do such a thing, use the opportunity to point them to Jesus and say…. “follow!”

       Jesus said, “I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life!” John 8:12