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I’ll admit it. I was a Miley fan. Loved the movie with the cute cowboy and listening to her sing “The Climb.” I was so sad to watch her self destruct in her most recent performance. What happened to Miley?

Miley Cyrus is not the only kid out there imploding, but perhaps witnessing her implosion should wake us up to the kids in our own circle of influence who are also in self-destruction mode.

We have to open our eyes and get real. They don’t go from A-Z with out passing through a few letters along the way. As a substitute teacher in our local school, I am shocked and appalled by the clothes the girls wear at school. The cleavage, belly-button rings, thongs, short skirts…. it’s out of hand. I had a young man tell that he has to work really hard all winter because once Spring comes, he can’t think at all.

We have to start praying for our children and holding them to a higher standard. They need boundaries and they are looking for someone to set them. I can’t tell you how many times my sons have thanked me for setting rules that they had to follow. It makes it a lot easier to tell their friends no when their parents have set the limit. I am happy to be the bad guy. It takes a lot of pressure off of them.

I want to challenge you to get real with your teenagers and young adult children about sex, drinking, relationship standards, pornography use, inappropriate tv shows, etc. The enemy is having a hay-day with our youth. We can’t just throw in the towel. Parents matter. Teachers make a difference. Youth group and church are really important. We are becoming so numb to it, but we need to wake up. Let Miley Cyrus’s ridiculous performance wake us up and drive us to our knees for the youth of our nation, our towns and our families. Lord, break our hearts with the things that break your heart and give us the courage to stand up for your moral standards and values.

Just a side note. If your kid has access to the internet through an Ipod, smart phone, Ipad, 3DS, etc…. do you know what they are looking at? Pornography addiction is rampant and its starting younger and younger among males and females. It’s more difficult to beat than drug addictions because your own body make the chemicals and you can’t erase the images from your mind. When was the last time you did a surprise check of their browsing history? Have you set boundaries with a good protection at your server with a service like Bsecure? Are you asking them to be accountable for what they look at online? Did you know that they can look at pornography through Facebook? Have you looked at the pictures they are posting to Instagram, Facebook and other social media? We have given the enemy full access to our kids minds and we are asleep at the wheel.


It’s time to wake up! Thanks Miley for making it all so obvious!