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Dear Lord,   As our children all head back to school tomorrow, I pray that you would send an army of angels before them to protect each one from the dangers and evil that await.  Lord fill our schools with your presence and your peace.  Remind the kids each day who they are and who you are.  Help them to love and care for not only their friends, but for the kids who often are ignored, overlooked a…nd forgotten.  Lord open our children’s eyes to injustice and bullying behavior and give them to courage to stick up for those who are less fortunate than they.  Help them to embrace each other and care for one another’s hearts.  Lord I bind the spirits of pride, of jealousy, of immorality and of disrespect.  Lord I bind the mentality of superiority and rejection that attempts isolate and denigrate our children.  Lord give the teachers, principals, and administration the courage to stand for what is right and to hold all the students to a high moral, social and academic standard.  Lord cover our schools with warrior angels who will fight off the evil that attempts to take our kids out.  Lord I pray for bus drivers to have the courage to stand up for the weak and to be wise in their driving decisions.  Lord, I pray for all the kids who are scared and unable to sleep, that you would bring peace over them and that they would trust fully in you.  Lord…. as the children in our schools say the pledge each day, may they be reminded of the values and heritage of this great country in which we live and may they stand on that heritage with Godly pride in our great nation.  We are one nation under GOD!  Lord, may we fix our eyes on you.  Lord we need you more than ever.  Give us ears to hear you, eyes to see you, hearts that are broken with the things that break your heart and hands that are ready to serve you. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen